Introducing all the curators

Here is a list of all the curators in the early stages of the project.  This is no longer being updated

25 June 2012 – ‏@rantanplan1980

I’m used to be a cynic,  but I got better.  I’m Daniel, 31 years old and I live in a former factory shop in Wuppertal. The building itself is about 150 years old and has been renovated as a living space about 10 years ago. It’s a nice concept and a cool way to live but it also comes with all the problems old buildings tend to have, like leaky roofs and old water pipes.  I’m a movie buff and blessed with a girlfriend that shares my fable for b-movie action flicks. I love going to music concerts – preferably punk rock bands – but haven’t been able to go to many on the last couple of months.  I hope I’ll be able to post a couple of interesting tweets of my daily life and post pictures of my city and of course food 🙂  I’m also looking forward to all your tweets and questions you’ll be sending me during the next week.  If you like to follow my private twitter account, it’s @rantanplan1980, just keep in mind that I’ll mostly tweet in german over there.

02 July 2012 – @james_cull  

I’m James, 23 years old and I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with German. I’ve been living in Germany since July of last year (3 months in Wuppertal and the rest in Essen) as part of an ERASMUS year abroad. My hobbies are DSLR photography, travelling, technology and listening to good music!

09 July 2012 – @snoopsmaus

My name is Romy and I’m well know in the world wide web as snoopsmaus. Since 2000 the name is part of my online life and became my personal branding. I’m now 31 and I was born in Leipzig (former German Democratic Republic) and currently living at Germanys most beautiful city of  Hamburg. As a passionated Community and Social Media Manager I try to find new opportunities at the moment and move a step forward. My heart beats for chemistry (I once studied it), music, concerts (Singer/Songwriter, Jazz, Funk, Soul) and coffee. When not sleeping I’m online and connected to my huge network – always writing a lot of stuff on Twitter about my personal and professional life, sharing hopefully necessary and funny news to my crowd. Often I’m going to BarCamps, meet my network and spend a lot of time talking about “Dirty Tricks”. ;)My favorite drinks are Tequila Sunrise and Ebbelwoi, a Hessian Cider and I really fall in love with cakes, cupcakes, muffins, mousse au chocolate and all of the other deserts and sweets. In Germany we like to call someone like me “Naschkatze”. Normally I write in German at @snoopsmaus and my musical blog projects are and – feel free to contact me if you like what you read!

16 July 2012 @mikebuchner

my name is Michael Buchner and i am living in Regensburg. I am using twitter since more then three years and tweeting as mikebuchner.
I am working full time at Kuffer Marketing GmbH, the company selling the “Schlemmerreise mit” as online content and social media manager and 20 hours per week for the bavarian football association as social media manager.
Besides this two jobs i help small businesses in Regensburg to handle their twitter and facebook accounts.

23 July 2012 @akliesing

Hessen – Baden-Württemberg – Bayern – I don’t know where I really come from as I was born in Baden-Württemberg, grew up in Hessen and moved to Munich when I was 23. My name is Annabelle and I’m 26 years old now. I love summertime in Munich, going hiking, discovering all the beautiful lakes in the area, reading, playing tennis, travelling, discovering new cafés to have a  I’m interested in studying foreign languages and spent an Erasmus in Tenerife / Spain. My dream is to travel to South America again – I appreciate any idea or recommendation where I have to go to ;

29 July 2012 @interchris

I’m representing Germany here in London and have done so for 6 years now. I work for the regulator of the finance industry and try to enjoy all the (affordable) things this city has to offer.  I’m originally from Bavaria and have studied there, inFrance and then came to London to do a Masters.  Being abroad has helped me to better define what it actually means to be German, in how far Germans behave and think differently – or not. London is an amazing place for cultural observations as it’s not really English and rather international.  I will be tweeting during a particularly exciting time when the world’s eyes will be on London and hope to keep you updated on the huge challenge the Olympic Games are for this old city. Of course, a leitmotif will be German culture and German people – without me actually being there.

05 August 2012 @rkkrazyivan

Hello I´m Andreas from Germany’s former capital city Bonn. I´m 30
years old, turning 31 this summer and I´m married since 10/2010.
Currently I´m working as an IT-consultant, focussing on softwaredevelopement and software quality.

Krazyivan / rkkrazyivan is my nickname since about 1998 and it is inspired by the famous russian submarine maneuver of the same name (if you don´t believe it watch “the hunt for red october”!). I am using Twitter for about a year and some months, started it after beeing inspired by some keyword-holders at the moodlemoot 2011 in elmshorn near hamburg.

12 August 2012 @ytl

Hi, I’m Yu-Ting. Born in Taiwan, but raised in Germany-Düsseldorf. I have been running my own lifestyle Blog writing about a wide range of topics which I’m interested in. Mainly about fashion, music, work experience as a youngster and urban culture in general. I have worked as a freelancer for different small companys and pr agencys as a social media/marketing consultant. Besides that I
have been organizing and supporting events like the Eurovision Song Contest or other get-togethers with a maximum attendance of 3500 people. Currently I am working for @Grey_Ger as a “Digital Consultant for corporate communication.

19 August 2012 @deutschalemao

My name is Fabio, I’m from Brazil and I’ve been living in Germany now for almost 4 years, first as a student, now working! I am a ‘language freak’ and came here to study German. That’s why I have a blog to help Portuguese speaking people to learn German as well. Through my blog, I share things about Germany and the German language, and it’s nice to have the chance to show Germany with foreign eyes 🙂

26 August 2012 @paulfritze

Paul loves almost all kinds of food, which you can read on his blog  (german) or experience during one of the nights with the RollinRestaurant . A Berlin based SupperClub, that he and two friends founded in early 2011. He also has a great passion for travellling, but then again, thats just because you get to eat so many cool things with cool people. His dayjob is all about audiobooks, whereas Paul is one of eight marketers at

02 September 2012 @iandevlin
My name is Ian, an Irishman from Limerick who, after 13 years in Cambridge, UK, moved to Germany, near Düsseldorf, in November of 2011. I’m a web developer by trade, and write a lot on the subject, and have even had a book published! A few months ago I also curated the @ireland Twitter account so it’s an honour to also represent Germany.

09 September 2012 @sinnundverstand

My name is Wibke, 39 years old and I’m living in the North of Cologne since 2001. Formerly Bookseller, then working as a Web Allrounder for publishers. Working indepently since 2010 (Sinn und Verstand Kommunikationswerkstatt) as Consultant for Communication and Social Web Ranger. Founder of Wortweide, a platform for lovers of words and linguistic game. Organizer of stARTcamp Köln, a barcamp for Art, Culture and Social Media. I’m born and bred in the country and still love to be outdoors for hiking, horse-riding or cycling. I’m as pleased as Punch to show you Cologne from my point of view.

16 September @KaiThrun

I’m a Blogger from Alfeld (Leine) a small town in the heart of Germany. Alfeld got a UNESCO-World Cultural Heritage the “Fagus Werk” last year.
I’m blogging about social media, marketing, blogging and some web stuff. As a former webdeveloper I try to look behind the front. It’s my passion to get a complete view of things to learn to most of it. I’m addicted in Disney, Dubai and soccer 🙂  I’m bloggin’ to

23 September @aliadventures7

I’m originally from the US, but I fell in love with an expat living in Germany who I met through Twitter. Last year after getting married, I moved to Freiburg to be with him. I’m now trying to learn German and working on my two blogs, and I love to travel and I made it to all 7 continents before my 30th birthday.

30 September @uberlinblog

James is one half of überlin (, a blog about life as an expat in Berlin. He and his wife Zoë escaped London nearly two years ago, in pursuit of better quality of life and all that Berlin has to offer: music, art, fashion, startups etc etc! The blog has taken off, but James spends most of his time working as a social media analyst and dog-sitting his French Bulldog puppy, Olive (

07 October @karstenkneese

Born in 1977 in Lübeck, I’ve moved to Bonn in 2002 to study logistics & e-business. I fell in love, married and am now a proud  husband and father of two. I’m a freelance social media consultant for social organisations and do the social media marketing for the University of Applied Science Koblenz. I also teach some classes about social media there.
Besides that I love to ride my bicycle, make the city a little greener and the world better.

14 October @Rachel_Munich

I’m Rachel, a copy editor from the UK. I’ve been living and working in Munich for the past four years, having studied languages at university. Alongside copy-editing, I freelance for various magazines and run my own blog –  – focusing on cultural events in and around Munich. I’m a fan of travelling, good food and music.

21 October @iamkosmonaut

I was born in Germany but spent 16 years of my life living in South East Asia, Eastern Europe, and the United States. After having enough of the expat life I decided to move back to Germany and ended up in Munich. A Job brought me to Berlin where ive been ever since (3 years and counting). During the week I work as the Head of an Online Marketing Team for a Berlin Based Android Platform and on the weekends I Blog on about Urban Exploring and other Berlin sights and sounds.

28 October @zinken

Born 1967 in Köln, grew up in Düsseldorf (sic), studied physics in Münster and Bonn, worked as a freelancer (journalism and multimedia management) in München, became editor in chief online at, now Publishing Director at Spektrum der Wissenschaft, mainly responsible for digital. Working in Heidelberg, living in the countryside near Karlsruhe.
Married with @wegholz, father of two kids and a Labrador.

04 November @gei5t

Hi, I am a 32 year young economist working as a manager in a childrens home. After a few stops in Munich and Mannheim I now live again in my beautiful hometown in Münster. I live in a quite rural part, enjoying nature. But I also love going to concerts (classic, pop, rock, alternative), ride bike and cheer for the wonderful westfalia. We have an amazing countryside, horses, bikes and so much more.  Besides that I love to travel.  I am no social media expert and I twitter for private fun.

11 November @Anja_Beckmann

My name is Anja and I’m 39 years old. I love Cologne, traveling, food and everything from the Sixties. I am a former journalist and media spokesperson for US companies. Since 2011 I work as consultant, blogger and Social Media reporter for @PRJournal I traveled around the world for one year in 2007/8 and got the travel bug. As I am really into food, I have to try everything while I’m abroad. I also travel to Sixties events in the Uk, Italy and Spain. I really would like to show the twitter followers of @I_amGermany the rich history, beauty and nice food of Cologne and Rhine area.

18 November @malertrynoga

My name is Sascha, i live and work in Wuppertal, the city with the unique suspension monorail.   I run my own business ( since 2005. We paint houses, livingrooms and create wonderful surfaces ( In German we call it “Malermeister”.
As one of the very few craftsmen, who’s active in social medias, I’m blogging of the every day madness and joy of my job ( and got a little addiction to Twitter, Facebook & Co. In my freetime i love to take a walk with my dog, got a passion for my favorite soccerclub, enjoying electronic music.

25 November @kalindaargh

Hi. I am a half German, half English, Australian living in Berlin, working as a social media marketer/community manager for @Crowdpark. What I love more than anything is ridiculously bad puns, writing cheesy poems, taking pictures, drawing pictures, and picturing pictures. Do you want a lame joke, a tip on what to do in Berlin, or to travel the world on Google maps? I’m your girl.

2 December @iPhel74martin

Chemistry teacher, born 1974, raised in Duesseldorf, emigrated to the Highlands of Germany aka. “Eifel” some years ago.
I capture this wonderful landscape with my iPhone, trying to adapt an urban medium like mobile imaging to ordinary country life.
I want to show tweeps around the world country life in a very small village near the world heritage of Maria Laach.

9 December @lunchforonelunchforone

My name is Tina, born, raised and living in the countryside near Stuttgart, in the same corner of Swabia all my life – which means the last 29 years. And yes I’m a typical swabian – including Kehrwoche, speaking swabian and not german-
During the week I work as a banker. But my passion is all about
food and travel – which I share on my blog

16 December @jennehaackjenny

Moin everyone, I’m Jenny. I am originally from Hamburg, but currently live in Berlin. I am the PR & Community Manager of Berlin-based startup @Waymate ( I have severe wanderlust and spent the last 7 years living in San Diego, San Francisco, Salamanca, and London. I love to travel, and when I am not on the road or in the office, I am terrorizing my neighbors with loud 80s music or roaming the streets with my camera. If you like Berlin, startups, photography, music and can bare the occasional 80s hint, I am your gal!

23 December @travelsofadamadam

In 2009 I quit my job as a graphic designer in Boston and went on an extended trip around the world. The life-changing journey took me to places like North Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. In 2011, I traveled to Berlin and fell in love with the city so found a way to stay and make it my home. You can read about my travels on my hipster travel blog, It’s a blog! The Travels of Adam, or get a glimpse of my daily Berlin experience at

30 December @pinkYceo252665_10150194460718716_6684389_n

In order to represent Germany I guess I will have to set up a blog to display my perspective and thoughts on my fellow countrymen and the nation at all. Born in 1979 and I grew up in a little village in Saxony-Anhalt. My interests: people, peace, art, graffiti & street art, books, lifestyle, design, a good conversation/ discussions, self motivation, music (almost all kind of), traveling/ hiking/ backpacking, responsibility, leadership, history, future, running a marathon, comics, entrepreneurship and and and.
Oh yeah – my current project: starting my own business dealing with the future of Art shopping and the future utilization of Art (


6 January @bicyclistuwe

I am a computer scientist, father of three kids, happily married and interested in a variety of things like books, mobile computing, workplace of the future, science.  I studied computational linguistics and artificial intelligence at the university of osnabrück, worked as a guest scientist at ibm germany, and am working now as a social media expert at Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall. Additionaly I am doing part time consulting on social Media, future workplace and am blogging on Society, technology and arts of the future in my blog “”

13 Jan @CLRgrrlclaire

Franco-American Wahldeutsche, currently living in Berlin. I draw comics, drink coffee, help make things happen, call myself a Christian and am at home everywhere and nowhere.

20 Jan @experimentdayssonya

Writer, journalist, documentary photographer & community organizer (IAF/DICO) Aktuell mit ‘Wir sind die Wolfskinder: Verlassen in Ostpreußen’ (Piper, 2012) See also und

27 Jan @herrlarbigimage

Hi. I am Torsten Larbig, known as herrlarbig on the internet. I am a teacher and a blogger on I live close to two rivers in the western part of Frankfurt/Main. – Living in Frankfurt is really great. The city has an important airport, hosts some important trade fairs, is Germany’s financial centre and home to the European Central Bank, which are only some reasons for the internationality of this city with about 700,000 inhabitants and more than 4 million people in the surrounding Rhein-Main-Area. The week I will be curating @I_amGermany, I also travel to Karlsruhe in order to attend the “lerantec”, a trade fair and conference concerning the development of e-learning-technology. Therefore, I am going to share with you not only impressions of my life as a teacher at a high school/grammar school in one of Germany’s metropolises, but also from the “lerantec”.

3 Feb @baranekdb_love

Dirk Baranek is living in Stuttgart, the city in southwestern Germany, where all the Porsches and Mercedes come from – and your Bosch fridge, too! Dirk works as a freelancing online journalist, is a about 50 years old and lived also in northwest Germany and 20 years in Berlin. He’s doing right now a lots of social media communication for companies like LG Germany, the electric utilities company EnBW, the Social Demokratic Party of Baden-Württemberg (SPD BW) and others. With his curation of @I_am_Germany he tries to give an insight view of daily life in Germany, some lessons in german language and informations what’s going on in the center of europe.

12 Feb @lilaineuropelili

Ex-@lilainoz. Networker. Problem Solver. Whip-Cracker. @BerlinGeekettes Evangelista, MBA student, curator of @thefetchber. THINK BIG – the world is your oyster!

17 Feb @phia_xpia

I’m a 25 year old Australian musician and I’ve been living and working in Berlin for a year. I chose this city to base myself and establish my music career in Europe. I have German-Jewish heritage, my grandfather was born in Berlin before moving to Australia, where he met my Austrian Grandmother. I have dual citizenship of Australia and Germany. Everyday I’m aware I’m walking in the footsteps of my ancestors. I came here knowing some nursery rhymes and numbers from my childhood, I’m now trying to learn the language properly, fitting it in between organising shows, recording, performing, touring and being a music teacher to bilingual children.

24 Feb @tedaliented

Born under the zodiac of the Cancer I have been often told that I live in the past. The truth is that I live at once many possible futures… I don’t like conflicts. Therefore I strategically avoid them and I often take a mediator role.

03 March @untenistobenunten

I am Christian, based in Berlin. I grew up in the former GDR, went to school at Bitterfeld which is south of Berlin, in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. Went to the U.S. for a year to work for Disney at Epcot Center. And when I came back to Germany, I joined Lufthansa and traveled the world as a flight attendent. Two days before 9/11 I quit this job to go to university at Leipzig, studying politics and communication. Since then,  I have worked for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings as spokesman. Now I work for Vodafone Germany.

10 March @elkasloan elka

I live in Frankfurt. That is the 10th town I have lived in. The other nine include mostly German cities, but also London and Boston, Mass. I have also practiced a variety of professions – live model, tourist guide, teacher, librarian, researcher. I am happily married, and my present profession is that of an editor and translator. One of my specialties is helping Germans who have to write in English get the German accent out of their texts.

17 March @board_completedralph

I am a newspaper journalist, travel writer and blogger ( based in Cologne. Technically i am not even German but Dutch (though i never lived there), which results in commotions on a regular basis whenever the two countries meet on a pitch. I go out as much as I am online.

24 March @digiomJana_I_amGermany

German, mother of two (*2010, *2012), living in Austria since 2004,
homesteading on the electronic frontier since 1996 (among other things
to be able to live and study in South Africa for two years in 1997/98
and 2000), blogger, though my blog has become
very quiet since my children have arrived. I’m a keen mommy twitterer and am trying to complete a phd thesis in media studies through sleepless nights (when I am not nursing the baby, now 4 months) and would like to bring into the mix
feelings of diaspora, German/Austrian differences, being a parent and
a phd student at once and of course a bit of ad hoc poetry.

31 March @nicolenewblacknicole

I’m an American who moved to Berlin for my career almost four years ago. Although I have a day job my passions include travel writing and blogging. Aside from travel related topics I often talk about my experiences of being a Black American in Berlin and the issues of racism and xenophobia I occasionally face. I am really excited to be apart of the I am Germany curation rotation because it shows the evolving and ever changing face of Germany.

07 April @bridgekeeptravMariellaMärz

I am Mariella, a cosmopolitan at heart, but a native of Germany through and through. My home is Hamburg, but I have lived in Greifswald and Tübingen and now live in Berlin, so I have moved through this lovely country quite a bit. I’m also a convinced European and I love almost everything about this continent, especially its Eastern half. I’m in academia, I have a passion for other cultures and places, which I blog about at, and for music. I travel. I write. I sing. I talk – a lot! That’s why I love twitter. I’m very excited about getting in touch with all the followers of I am Germany!

14 April @jennifuchs jenni

I am a thirty-something museologist currently living in Berlin with my Scottish husband and two-year old son. I’m originally from NRW, in Western Germany, but spent half my life living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Besides my job at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, I also run Museum140 (an independent initiative which aims to bring together museums and museum lovers through fun and engaging social media projects) and blog regularly at I am a self confessed museum geek – even attending a museum conference in the middle of my honeymoon – as well as an enthusiastic hobby photographer and a lover of art house movies. Having spent so much time aborad, I feel a little like a stranger in my own country now, and refer to myself as an ex-expat 🙂 I tweet a lot, both as @jennifuchs and as @museum140.
Thanks, Jenni

21 April @marcschonseinmark

Grew up in hessen, lived in madrid, live in Marburg and will live in Berlin! sociology-student.

Love travel, photography, LGBT-rights

28 April @krotondokathrynb

I’m Kathryn, a freelance designer/developer living in Tübingen.  I’m from the US (Boston, MA), and moved here two years ago for my husband’s work.  I love being surrounded by woods, farms, and quiet.  It’s a great place to raise a kid, and it’s been pretty amazing watching our four-year-old pick up German.

Lately I have been learning to design fonts and playing with vector illustration.  You can see my interactive work at, read my thoughts on women in software and beyond at, or follow me on twitter as @krotondo.

05 May @debmedeirosdeb

Brazilian journalist, currently studying Media and Political Communication at the Free University of Berlin. I’m passionate about educational broadcasting. Currently doing research on citizen media and environmental reporting. I write and translate for the citizen media platform Global Voices in Portuguese and in German. I also update the blog Berliner Cafés.

12 May @montikoeln

I’m Daniel, 31 years old. I live next to Bonn with my lovely wife and my newborn son.  I studied media economics and wrote my diploma thesis about e-participation. I’ve been a scout since I was six years old, so I love being outdoors and motivate young people to get involved in social projects. I’m working at Engagement Global  as social media manager. Our job is to raise the engagement in the development sector. I’m one of the organizers of the socialbar Bonn, a bar-event for digital do-gooders.
I love to be offline – then I go camping with my family in the Scandinavian woods.

19 May @oli030oli-photo

Hi, I‘m Oli, 23 years old. During my week on @I_amGermany I‘d like to show you some incredible places in my city: Berlin. It‘s not just the former divided city and sights, it‘s a melting pot of different cultures. I like sports, music, movies, travelling around and writing stories for the German travel blog I‘m working as a social media manager for a German software company. I‘m very curious to take you to my favourite spots and to discover some new Berlin stories together with you!

26 May @deutscheposts

2 June @doromartin

9 June  @thesundancekydd

16 June @geekydisco

23 June @jettikonfetti

30 June @smunko

07 July @niamhzie

14 July @fraufeli

21 July @WildeTrude

28 July @MikeRStuchbery

04 August @amarettosmiles

11 August @Ina_Steinbach


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